Press Releases and Announcements

Press Releases and Announcements

The Commercial Bank acquires hundred percent stake in ABank.

19 Aralık 2016

We view this strategic move as an important step in the The Commercial Bank’s regional expansion strategy”

One of the most reputable banks of the GCC region and Qatar’s first private bank, The Commercial Bank (P.S.Q.C.) acquired Anadolu Group’s remaining 25 percent stake in ABank, thereby becoming the sole shareholder of the bank.

Omar Hussain Alfardan, The Commercial Bank Board Director and ABank Vice Chairman, noted how the move would lead to stronger synergies and closer integration between the two banks.

Joseph Abraham, The Commercial Bank CEO, said: “We view Turkey as an important investment center in the medium and long term. Owning hundred percent of ABank’s shares means that we will be able to offer our clients in Qatar and Turkey a seamless banking experience across both countries.”

Tuncay Özilhan, Anadolu Group Chairman, thanked for the extremely productive partnership continued for over 3 years and underlined that they were leaving ABank in safe hands.

Müge Öner, ABank Acting CEO and Board Member, noted that the bank now belonged in its entirety to one of the prestigious financial institutions of the world, The Commercial Bank, adding that they continued with firm steps towards their sustainable growth target in line with their Focused Banking strategy.

Qatar’s first private bank renowned for its innovative banking vision, The Commercial Bank, and Anadolu Group finalized the transfer of ABank shares. The Commercial Bank (P.S.Q.C.), which had acquired a 70.8 percent stake in the bank from Anadolu Group in July 2013 before increasing its shares to 75 percent with share buyback, bought Anadolu Group’s remaining 25 percent stake from for USD 222.5 million, thereby becoming the sole owner of the bank.

Conducted via exercising the put option within the shareholders agreement signed during the first share transfer in 2013, the resolution concerning the sale of 25 percent of the shares was disclosed to the Turkish Public Disclosure Platform in July 2016.

“Greater collaboration and integration.”

Omar Hussain Alfardan, The Commercial Bank Board Director and ABank Vice Chairman, said: “The fact that ABank is now a hundred percent subsidiary of The Commercial Bank opens up opportunities for even greater collaboration and integration to ensure our businesses are aligned, create multiple synergies, and deliver benefits that will be felt by all of our stakeholders in Qatar and Turkey.”

“ABank and Turkish economy are our future investment areas.”

Commenting further on the issue, Joseph Abraham, The Commercial Bank CEO, underlined that this investment, which started in 2013, demonstrated their confidence in the Turkish economy, banking industry, and their commitment to ABank having a history of quarter of a century. He added: “ABank is the third and the largest investment made by The Commercial Bank outside of Qatar. Our goal is to boost ABank’s share within the consolidated figures by leveraging the potential of the Turkish economy, as well as capture a share of the increasingly growing investments and trade flows between Qatar and Turkey.”

“We are leaving ABank in safe hands.”

Pointing to their harmonious partnership over the last 3 years since July 2013, Tuncay Özilhan, Anadolu Group Chairman, said: “Last July, we had disclosed our decision to transfer our remaining 25 stake in ABank to The Commercial Bank. Following the approval of the regulatory authorities, this planned change was finalized and within the framework of the shareholders agreement signed 3 years ago, ABank became a fully owned subsidiary of The Commercial Bank. In particular, thanks to their prestige in the international arena and their know-how, we experienced the positive results of the partnership we started with The Commercial Bank in 2013. Since the very first day of the initial share transfer, we have had a productive and successful cooperation with the valuable team of The Commercial Bank. We are now leaving ABank in safe hands, which we built with great efforts. Throughout its operations, ABank has always advanced with firm steps on its path and strived to achieve the mission it undertook despite the many changing dynamics in banking in both global and local sense. Moving forward, I believe that ABank will continue to contribute in our national economy with its focused banking strategy and strong human capital.”

Expressing his wishes that the share transfer would be beneficial to all parties, Özilhan thanked The Commercial Bank top management for their rapport throughout their partnership.

“41-year old The Commercial Bank and 25-year-old ABank”

Müge Öner, ABank Acting CEO and Board Member, emphasized on the importance of the development as a major milestone for ABank, and added: “As ABank, we are now entirely a part of The Commercial Bank. This very share transfer is a concrete indicator of The Commercial Bank’s confidence in the Turkish economy and ABank. Over the last few years, we experienced the clear benefits of being in the same family with an internationally reputable bank through syndication loan, subordinated loan and bond issue transactions. The international prestige we enjoyed thanks to The Commercial Bank made us proud. And these experiences are yet another indicator of the confidence in our bank.”

Noting that ABank had been consolidated in The Commercial Bank’s balance sheet for the last 3 years, Öner continued: “The latest share transfer will not change our targets and strategy in any way. That being said, The Commercial Bank’s support to our bank will increasingly continue. It will continue to strengthen us even further in our sustainable growth journey. And the international reputation and vision of The Commercial Bank, which has left behind 41 years, will further whet ABank’s appetite for sustainable growth.”

In the meantime, ABank also inherited an important business culture and heritage based on one of the longest-established groups in Turkey, Anadolu Group, said Öner, adding: “It was thanks to this heritage that ABank could maintain its robust structure throughout the challenging times in its 25 years of history and became what it is today.”

“Sustainable growth through Focused Banking strategy”

 Öner also explained their targets, and said, “As ABank, we made great strides with our growth strategy, or “’Focused Banking’, which encompassed a 3-year-long transformation process from 2015 to 2017, and we will achieve our sustainable growth target by advancing on this path,” expressing their desire to become the main bank of their customers in their areas of focus. In her statement, Öner said: “We believe that the business model we created based on this approach will naturally bring healthy asset growth and sustainable profitability. In the meantime, 2017 will mark our 25th anniversary. By the end of 2017, during which we will leave behind quarter of a century, we will start getting the clear results of our focused strategy. Transforming our customer relations in Corporate, Commercial, and Retail banking customers into a long-winded collaboration is a priority for us.”

ABank Top Management and Customers Met at the Opening Event of “New Generation Branch”

October 3, 2016

ABank Board members and top executives from The Commercial Bank (Q.S.C.), the majority shareholder, and Anadolu Group gathered with key business partners and customers at the opening cocktail of the bank’s next generation branch in Istanbul.

ABank revealed the latest example of its new generation branch concept, which is one of the major components of its Focused Banking vision, at Istanbul Kozyatagi Branch.

New generation branch concept was created for corporate, commercial and retail customers to experience professional and one-to-one banking services in a modern environment. The concept highly diversifies from the perception of a conventional bank branch with its comfortable lounge areas, private consulting rooms, technological infrastructure and interior architectural features.

The new branch will operate at the entrance floor of AND Plaza, which is also hosting ABank’s new Operation and Technology Centre. The opening cocktail of the branch received a high level of participation from important business partners of the bank, in addition to the board members and top executives including Chairman of Anadolu Group and ABank Mr. Tuncay Ozilhan, Board Member of the majority shareholder The Commercial Bank (Q.S.C.) and Vice Chairman of ABank Mr. Omar Alfardan, The Commercial Bank (Q.S.C.) CEO Mr. Joseph Abrahams, and ABank ACEO Ms. Müge Oner.

Following the event ABank ACEO Ms. Oner stated that, they will continue to implement the new generation concept to all branches, which is the reflection of their Focused Banking vision, in line with the expectations of customers and targets of ABank.

Interest Rate Cut from ABank

August 11, 2016

With continued support for the economy, ABank cut mortgage loan interest rates to 0.89 percent.

ABank reduced the 2-year maturity mortgage loan interest rate to 0.89 percent, down from 1.05 percent; and the 2-5-year maturity mortgage loan interest rate to 0.99 percent, down from 1.10 percent.

In a statement, Sezin Erken, ABank Vice President, Retail Banking, said that the reason behind the decision is the aspirations to support uninterrupted growth in Turkey's economy. “We are one of the first banks to cut mortgage loan interest rates. We believe that the social solidarity we have today and the trust in the future come before anything else. This is also a reflection of our customer-focused banking vision,” he asserted.

ABank Supports Solidarity

August 08, 2016

ABank provided support to the fund drive initiated by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies upon commissioning by the Prime Ministry for the July 15, 2016 coup attempt veterans, martyrs, and their families.

We offer our condolences to the grieving families of the martyrs who lost their lives during this sordid and grave coup attempt. God have mercy on their souls. We also wish a speedy recovery to those injured, said the Bank in a statement.

“In order to show unity and somewhat ease the pain, ABank decided to donate 1 million Turkish lira to the solidarity drive initiated by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies upon commissioning by the Prime Ministry for the July 15, 2016 coup attempt veterans, martyrs, and their families. Once again, ABank vehemently condemns this grave attempt on our democracy, social peace, and stability. We are confident that the solidarity we have displayed during this challenging period will bring brighter days ahead within a very short time.”

Global Trust in ABank

July 12, 2016

ABank obtained a syndication loan worth $225 million with the participation of 18 banks from 12 countries. The banking and finance circles interpreted the loan as a display of trust both in ABank and in the bank's principal shareholder The Commercial Bank (Q.S.C.), as well as in the Turkish banking industry.

ABank strives to become the first choice solution partner for clients as part of its “focused banking” vision. The bank obtained a syndication loan worth $225 million with a one-year maturity. The loan was obtained in two different currencies: $110 million and €103.75 million with the terms of L+1.40% for the dollar and Euribor+1.30% for the euro currencies.

ABank CEO Müge Öner defined the loan as an expression of the trust put in both ABank and the Turkish banking industry, and stressed their determination to continue supporting the country's economic growth with the fund.

In a statement, Şakir Sömek, ABank Vice President, International Financial Institutions, explained that 18 banks from 12 countries participated in the loan. “The transaction involved a wide geographical span, acting as a testament to our Bank's strong corresponding relationships in different regions. Strong support by our principal share holder The Commercial Bank (Q.S.C.) is evident with the 28-percent participation in the transaction from the Gulf Region. We intend to strengthen our current relationships with creditor banks, which are made up of our main corresponding banks. Our Bank enjoys a sound overseas borrowing position in the peer banks group, and in the second half of the year, we will continue to borrow, preferably in the long term, through foreign trade funds and one-on-one funding sources.”

ABank Online Banking Revamped

July 12, 2016

ABank strives to provide a personalized and privileged Retain Banking experience with its Focused Banking vision. As such, it has revamped the design and functionality of its online banking.

In the user-friendly ABank online banking, you can perform main banking opeartions as well as many other transactions and services such as extended EFT periods and fixed EFT limit, bill payment and instruction by using the credit card, and combining online and mobile banking transaction limits.

AYatırım Moves On as AMenkul

April 19, 2016

AYatırım was founded as an Anadolu Grubu company and ABank affiliate in 1997. The company will continue operations with under its new name, AMenkul, from April 19, 2016.

AMenkul has been offering intermediary services in capital markets for 19 years.

Discover Diners Club Card Privileges with ABank

April 08, 2016

ABank signed a cooperation deal with Diners Club, valid at millions of businesses in 185 countries throughout the world. The deal was made by ABank, the only bank to offer Diners Club Card to customers in Turkey.

Diners Club Card is a prominent global brand in travel and dining. By bringing the card back to Turkey, ABank aims to provide customers the utmost pleasure not only in restaurants but also during their travels anywhere in the world. Diners Club gives free access to more than 600 lounges it owns across the world. The Diners Club Card also provides countless privileges with its gift of a TAV Passport Card, and is seen as one of ABank’s most important steps in its exclusive retain banking practices aimed at high-income customers.


ABank CEO Müge Öner outlined one of ABank’s priorities as offering personalized and banking-focused experience for its customers. Öner mentioned the new products they offer for the high-income group customers and added:

“We are delighted to be offering Diners Club Card in Turkey in collaboration with Diners Club International. With ABank Diners Club Card, we will present services and privileges which we believe will add value to our customers' lives.”


Sezin Erken, Vice President, Retail Banking, highlighted Diners Club Card as an important step in meeting the needs of its target retail banking audience. She said the high-prestige ABank Diners Club Card is offered in Platinum and Black, providing privileges for customers during their travels and at restaurants. Erken went on to say,

“We are positioning Diners Club as a paramount product for our bank's prestige and for gaining new customers. ABank will provide convenience for our customers and make sure that they enjoy every moment of their travels with ABank Diners Club Card opportunities. As our slogan “Join, Discover, Live” says, joining Diners Club is the only thing customers have to do to discover the world and enjoy its wonders.”

Diane Offereins, Diners Club International President, Payment Services, expressed Diners Club aspirations to always offer the best for its customers.

“We are proud that ABank will now be offering the Diners Club Card in Turkey, available for use in more than 30 million locations globally. One of the most noteworthy markets in the EMEA region, Turkey has also become a foremost center in the area. Diners Club Card customers frequently visit Turkey for both business and pleasure. By including Turkey within our service network, we aim to provide better support to our global customers, while creating a better structured customer base.”


A myriad of ABank Diners Club Card advantages include free use of more than 600 lounges across the world, unique opportunities with the TAV Passport Card, and a 25 percent discount at Turkey's prominent restaurants.

Some of ABank Diners Club Card’s advantages and services:

  • ABank Diners Club Cardholders, along with a guest, get free use of more than 600 lounges across the world.
  • ABank Diners Club Black Card holders enjoy private security checkpoint at airports with TAV Passport Card, business class check-in, use of lounge, free vale/parking lot, discounted vehicle rental, as well as many other privileged services, which are available to ABank Diners Club Platinum Card holder with a commitment to spend a certain amount.
  • Club Miles, ABank Diners Club Card’s special miles program, offers tickets by using the miles earned within a desired period from the cardholders' choice of airlines.
  • ABank Diners Club Cardholders and their guest get up to a 25 percent discount at Turkey's prominent restaurants.
  • Diners Club Platinum Card applications are done at the branches, whereas the Diners Club Black Card is offered through invitation.
  • Visit for all the advantages and features of the ABank Diners Club Card.

ABank’s New Leader: Müge Öner

April 1, 2016

Müge Öner was appointed as Board Member at the ABank General Assembly on March 31. On March 18, Müge Öner took over the flag after being appointed as CEO. She was previously appointed Deputy CEO, and had served as CFO since May 1, 2014.


“I wholeheartedly believe that during ABank’s drive for the future and stable growth, the synergy created together by Öner and the whole ABank family will turn into new inspiring accomplishments and result in the highest added value for all shareholders,” said ABank Chairman Tuncay Özilhan in his statement about Müge Öner’s appointment as Board Member.


In his statement, Vice Chairman Omar H. Alfardan stressed ABank Board of Directors’ complete support and faith in the senior management of the bank and added: “The Commercial Bank (Q.S.C.) regards Turkey as an attractive and crucial investment market. As the principal shareholder of ABank in Turkey, our main focus is sustainable growth with an exclusive customer base. In order to reach this goal, we are prepared to provide all support, including capital increase.”


ABank CEO and Board Member Müge Öner said ABank would continue to grow in its focus areas, and stressed how superior corporate and commercial banking services greatly contribute to customer satisfaction and growth. Öner emphasized their intention to expand the deposit portfolio through a retail banking strategy offering a personalized banking experience.

Müge Öner served in different positions in the banking and consultancy industries since 1996. From 2005 to 2014, she worked as Financial Services Officer at Ernst & Young. She took on the role as Assistant Manager, Financial Control and Planning and Deputy CEO at ABank in 2014. She is married with two children.

Passing the Flag at ABank

March 19, 2016

ABank CEO and Board Member Meriç Uluşahin resigned her post on March 18, 2016. She had been serving at the bank since April 2014. The ABank Board of Directors appointed Müge Öner as the Deputy CEO to take over the duties and responsibilities of Meriç Uluşahin. Ms. Öner previously served as the Assistant Manager, Financial Control and Planning.

Müge Öner served in different positions in the banking and consultancy industries since 1996. From 2005 to 2014, she worked as Financial Services Officer at Ernst & Young. She took on the role as Assistant Manager, Financial Control and Planning and Deputy CEO at ABank in 2014. She is married with two children.

Announcement regarding 4.5G SIM Card Change

April 3, 2016

As of April 1, 2016, GSM operators will begin using the 4.5G mobile infrastructure for customers with compliant SIM card and devices.

During this time, in order for banking transactions to be in accordance with legal regulations, the single-use password that is sent via SMS to log into online and mobile banking may not work for customers who change their SIM cards with one that is compliant with 4.5G.

If the single-use password that is sent via SMS to log into online and mobile banking does not work:

  • Contact our Call Center at 444 00 55  or
  • Branches

to authorize a single-use password to be sent via SMS.

Other than the communication channels stated here, do not trust anyone who requests information from you while communicating via email, SMS, or telephone. 
Best regards,

Fitch Confirms ABank’s Rating

February12, 2016

International credit rating agency Fitch Ratings confirmed ABank’s credit ratings. ABank thereby maintained its standing among the banks with the highest rating in Turkey.

Fitch announced the rating bulletin on February 12, 2016, rating ABank’s long-term credit rating in foreign currency as BBB, the same as the previous year, while scoring its outlook as stable. It also emphasized the strategic importance of ABank’s for its princial shareholder, The Commercial Bank (Q.S.C.).

ABank Achieves 23% Growth in Asset Size and 19% in Loan Volume

February 5, 2016

According to 2015 fourth quarter financial statements, ABank outperformed the industry, increasing its asset size to 13.15 billion Turkish lira with a 23 percent rise and growing its loan volume by 19 percent.

ABank announces financial statements dated December 31, 2015. According to the unconsolidated financial statements, ABank outperformed the industry, increasing its asset size to 13.15 billion Turkish lira with a 23-percent rise and growing its loan volume by 19 percent. ABank contributed to the economy to the tune of 9.34 billion Turkish lira through loans, achieving a 21-percent rise in total cash loan volume in commercial and corporate business branches. The bank announced 59.51 million Turkish lira year-end profits and 527 Turkish lira project financing in the same period.

On assessment of the 2015 financial statements, CEO Meriç Uluşahin pointed to the profound effects of conjectural fluctuations and announced the 23-percent rise in ABank's assets in 2015. Uluşahin said that the bank contributed 9.3 billion Turkish lira to the Turkish economy through loans in the same period.

“‘Be the Best in its Class’ is ABank's motto as part of our three-year plan from 2015 to 2017. Therefore, we forge ahead with aspirations to be the number one bank for everything customers need in our target industry and fields with expertise, speed, efficiency, strong infrastructure, and technology. In 2016, our main areas of growth will continue to be Corporate and Commercial Banking, which we have accomplished with a good momentum in loan volume through our focused banking vision, and Retail Banking, with which we will focus on the top income group. In addition, we plan to take big steps in mobile and online banking.”

ABank Information Security and Quality Management Systems Receive International Recognition

January 15, 2016

ABank has strengthened its IT infrastructure to bolster the “product, customer and industry-focused banking” strategy with aspiration to be the best in its class. Its Information Technology processes and practices were internationally recognized with the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications under an independent audit.

ABank advances and reinforces its Information Technology processes and practices without compromising quality and data security as part of the “focused banking supported with operational excellence, speed, technological infrastructure and expert workforce” strategy. This international recognition is a crucial demonstration of this.

ABank Information Security and Quality Management Systems Receive International Recognition

Pursuant to Article 24 of the Investor Compensation Center Regulation, custodies and receivables arising from investment services and operations, and supplementary services; as well as related interest, dividend, and other income that have not been claimed and collected shall expire in 10 years from the date on which the account holder performs the last claim transaction or gives a written instruction in any form, and shall be returned to the Investor Compensation Center.

Listed right owners that will reach the statute of limitation in 2017 are required to apply along with the documents and information to prove right ownership before the 10-year period ends. Otherwise, in accordance with the law, all custodies and receivables arising from expired investment services and operations, as well as related interest, dividend, and other income shall be returned to the Investor Compensation Center.

Accordingly, you can see the list of accounts and account holders that will reach the statute of limitation in 2017.

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